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Lang Nissan at Mission Bay Oil Filter Change

At Lang Nissan at Mission Bay, we are committed to providing you with the best customer service possible and making sure your vehicle is always running in its best condition. Our certified service department is here to ensure every maintenance check is done right the first time to get you back on the road doing the things you love.

We never offer our customers services they don’t need and always ask before doing any additional work we find necessary. Oil filters are commonly overlooked as something that does not need to be addressed when recommended, which can be detrimental to your engine.

Why do you need to change your oil filter?

From the second you start driving to the second you turn off your car, the engine is hard at work with various parts moving together every second. During this time as your engine gets hotter and hotter, the oil keeps everything under the hood cool and comfortable, preventing buildup from harming it.

The oil filter does just as its name suggests- it sifts out contaminants and particles from your oil to keep the engine running smoothly. A dirty oil filter can not only damage your engine but will also decrease your overall fuel economy and put you at risk for engine failure.

How will you know when to change it?

There are varying opinions on when it is best to change your oil filter. Some say during every oil change, others will say every other oil change. If your vehicle’s performance starts suffering, i.e., the pickup isn’t as fast as it normally is, poor fuel economy, you hear sputtering and see dirty exhaust – it is definitely time to come in for a change. The light on your dashboard is also a sure-fire indicator that you are due for a change.

However, every vehicle is different, which is why it is essential to follow the service schedule in your owner’s manual. Better yet, seeing a certified professional or service department will give you peace-of-mind and ensure you’re getting the right service at the right time.

Our service department at Lang Nissan at Mission Bay takes the hassle out of having to continuously check your owner’s manual and worrying if you’re overdue for any service. Our professional department ensures high-quality service and customer satisfaction every time. We are happy to serve those in the San Diego area.

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