Nissan Battery Replacement Service

Nissan Battery Replacement Service

Lang Nissan at Mission Bay Battery Replacement

There is never a good time to be stuck with a dead battery, and they always seem to die when you least expect it. Lang Nissan at Mission Bay, the only independent Nissan dealer in San Diego, is happy to offer a free battery diagnostics test performed by Nissan factory-trained technicians.

Signs your car battery is dying:

  • Slow cranking when turning on the vehicle
  • You hear clicking noises when turning the key
  • The interior lights of your vehicle are noticeable dimmer
  • You find yourself having to jumpstart your vehicle to get from place to place
  • When turning on your vehicle, the battery light on your dashboard stats illuminated

Sometimes, you can’t help environmental or other factors that cause your battery to drain at a quicker rate, such as extreme heat and vehicle vibrations. The best way to ensure you don’t inconveniently end up with a dead battery is by always coming in to see a certified technician for your maintenance checks. As part of the multi-point inspection, they check the health of your battery to make sure you won’t be stranded any time soon.

What causes your battery to drain:

  • Accidentally leaving your car lights on for an extended period of time
  • Parasitic drain – components of your vehicle continuing to run after you have shut it off
  • Poor charging system
  • Defective car alternator
  • Old battery – typically they last 4 to 5 years

Our certified service department uses only genuine OEM Nissan parts and accessories, batteries included. Nissan-specific replacement batteries are created to meet your vehicle’s original specifications, thus allowing it to perform at its best.
By coming to see our certified team, you know that you’re the vehicle is getting the best professional service available. Our specialization in Nissan Service allows us to not only fix or repair the original issue but also pinpoint other issues that regular garages potentially may not catch immediately. All of our recommendations are backed by Nissan factory standards.
Lang Nissan at Mission Bay is proud to serve those in San Diego, Chula Vista, Ocean Beach and other surrounding areas. Book your easy appointment today by calling our service team at 858-858-3200, or just swing by to see us at 4433 Mission Bay Drive.

Lang Nissan at Mission Bay Service Center Amenities

  • Comfortable Customer Lounge
  • Vending Machines
  • Certified Nissan Technicians
  • Rental Cars Available
  • Genuine OEM Nissan Parts
  • Knowledgeable Service Advisors
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